Relationship Advice For Women - Do's and Don't

Most books about relationships are cut-out for both male and female, but we all know that it works differently for both sides so why would you read about something that is not specifically written for you. Here is the relationship advice for you that understands what you are going through right now.

When He’s Annoying
Women must understand that men are indeed annoying. They don’t call, they come home late, they forget things, they don’t want to do things. It makes you wonder why you even fell for that smile and smooth talking when you get a toddler for a boyfriend. You might think you have the worst one in town but here’s the thing: they are all like that. One way or the other that perfect someone of yours is going to act up and it is going to be difficult. What you have to do is simply ignore him when he is like that and get on with your life. As if you notice anything. Most likely he’s just doing it to get a reaction from you. And the moment he sees it is not working, he’ll stop.

When Nagging Doesn't Work
Surely nagging is not included in any relationship advice for women that you can find. But why do women do it anyway, because that is who you are. And that is why you should understand that guys are just guys. By nature they do things that drive women crazy. And so here’s the deal, you make a list of things that bother you and see which ones you can let go of. Imagine how much money you would save years from now for Botox.

Now those that bother you, let him know about it by being straightforward. Do not cry or get too emotional because he would just shut you off like he does when he’s watching TV and you want him to help you in the kitchen. Now even if you had this discussion and it still would not work simply pull back. Men responds to actions not to words. Pretty soon he’d wonder what is going on. Normally by this time she would nag at 40 words per second by now if I did not call her. And pretty soon he would be behaving as he should be.

When He’s Wondering Whether He Should be in this Relationship
If your boyfriend brought up the idea of being away from each other, having a temporary break, or seeing other people then it’s as good as breaking up without the deal of being the bad guy. This also includes if he’s not sweet anymore or is being cold to you lately. If that relationship advice for women has convinced you to make him this fabulous dinner, take a shower and wear the skimpiest outfit you can find, throw away that book immediately. You have been doing your best all the time and the last thing you want to hear is he is thinking about whether you are worth it. Well, I suggest you help him pack now because not because you are nice but rather because you are nice to yourself. You do not need a guy who makes you insecure about yourself and who do not appreciate who you are. This is not some game to convince him that you’re worth it. It’s about you deciding if he’s even worth all this trouble.

Any relationship advice for women would ask you to go after the guy, play nice, don’t say anything that might push his buttons. However, what you must understand is that men don’t need this when they look for a woman that might be the one. Otherwise they could just hire someone to be their assistant. He needs someone that could level up with him, someone he’d be interested with for the rest of his life and being someone that you’re not is the last thing that he needs. Oh let me rephrase that, it’s not what YOU need.

You should:
  • Pay him compliments and give him presents (even flowers)
  • Introduce him to your friends and don’t ask him to give up his friends
  • Ring the doorbell even if you have a key to his door (would you like to be taken unaware in your own bathroom?)
  • Go with him to a football game (he shouldn't think that you are going to be a football fan)
  • If you bump into your ex, try to ignore him (even if he looks great and you are not over him)
  • Tell him how clever he is (at least once a week)
  • Not try hard to win his confidence and make him a member of your family -- you are with him because you like him and you should always show it to him
  • Never criticize his friends, even if you feel like killing some of them; give him a chance to spend time with them
  • Try not to focus on his defects
  • Control your jealousy of his children if he’s divorced; - let him spend time with his children
You should not
  • Tell him about your past relationships in great detail
  • Spy on him -- it’s a sign of distrust and a total lack of self-confidence
  • Stop looking after yourself
  • Vocalize your admiration for Kevin Costner or Tom Cruise on your first movie date
  • Fixate on his past love affairs and give all his girlfriends an angry look -- you should try to make them your allies
  • Take your girlfriend with you everywhere just because the poor girl is so lonely
  • Date married men because it’s in poor taste and things are going to go wrong
  • Try to be his children’s mother: they already have a mother