Relationship Advice for Men - Why It's Okay To Take Things Slow Sometimes

One thing in relationship that most men seem to have in common is the need to try and rush things when they feel like they have fallen in love with a woman. You might think it would be noble to rush into things without thinking about it when it truly is love, but that is not always the best decision that you can make. In fact, quite often it can lead to many more problems than to solutions.

The urge to rush when you feel as though you have found the "one" is nothing new. Even back in the earliest times of written history, there have been tales of guys falling for a woman and deciding not to waste one moment as they knew it was the right woman for them. While it may always work out in fairy tales and other historically romantic literature, in the every day relations... it can sometimes backfire on you.
Here are some reasons why you may want to take it slow sometimes:
1) Rushing into a relationship with a woman can cause you to see her only through rose colored glasses.
Many men who end up with a woman who turns out to be nothing but trouble for them made the mistake of taking things too fast and not slowing down when they should have. Because of this, it can be easy to see a woman through rose colored glasses, as in... you see only the good that you want to see and ignore the rest. If she truly is the right woman, then she would still be the one if you were to wait things out. And in doing so, you can get a chance to see what she is really all about and possibly avoid ending up with a woman who is nothing but trouble.
2) You also don't want to make her feel that you possibly are in desperation mode.
A guy can give off a desperation vibe in a relationship if he is not careful and he is trying to move things too swiftly with a woman. As you should already know, desperation is not a virtue in the eyes of most women. By taking things a little bit slower, you can make sure that you are not giving off that desperation vibe that so many other men end up giving off.
3) Variety in your relationships can allow you to get a real taste of what you really want in a woman.
This is another key reason why taking a relationship slow can be a good thing. Rushing into a relationship also usually means making a commitment very quickly, and that can be bad if you don't have a lot of experience in dating. You need to gain some experience in order to really get a taste of what attributes you are really fond of in a woman and the slower you go, the less likely you will end up settling down too soon without getting that taste of variety that you need to have.
These are all very good reasons why it can be a good thing to take things slow with women when it comes to relationships. Keep in mind that although your feelings for a woman is one today... you may not feel that way tomorrow.