The 10 Best Places to Kiss

You lucky single person, you - your dating days are full of adventure and kisses shared in dimly-lit restaurants and on street corners. But where, we wondered, are the very best places to lock lips? You already know about the beach at sunset, under the mistletoe and right smack dab on the mouth. Here, more superior smooch sites to check out when you're ready to make out.

  1. On a roller coaster : Yes, love has its ups and downs, but that's what keeps it exciting. Kiss at the crest of that first big hill and hang on to each other as you plummet - talk about a rush!
  2. On your desk : Research shows that as many as 61 percent of relationships start in the workplace, and 50 percent of office amours lead to marriage (that includes this writer!). So if you're flirting by the coffee machine or bantering at brainstorming sessions and it isn't against company rules, take it to the next level (after hours, please; discretion is important!). Don't have a desk job? Find the nearest supply closet.
  3. At a museum : Appreciating a beautiful work of art together can create passion. Why waste it? Give in, whether inspired by Picasso's The Lovers at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., or a romantic, moving piece at a local gallery.

  4. In the middle of a crowded street : Preferably at rush hour on any given Monday. Life can be mundane and hectic at the same time, but a sweet, juicy kiss can make an average moment special.
  5. In a dressing room : Are you the type who's turned on by the idea of a public display of affection but would prefer some darned privacy? The dressing room rendezvous affords the best of both worlds. Plus, it has illicit allure (sneaking someone in where he or she technically isn't supposed to go) without setting off theft detectors.
  6. On a pile of coats : Preferably, with a stranger you met at the party. It's a mating rite of passage everyone should experience at least once. Guaranteed to irritate other guests!
  7. Upside down : You don't need Spidey skills to pull it off. One person simply sits in a chair and tilts his or her head back while the other person approaches from behind, bends over and plants one. Or try it with one person lying on a couch, head against the armrest, and the other person standing above and leaning over. It's a little awkward, a little weird - and absolutely wonderful.
  8. In the backseat : Find yourselves a lover's lane, climb into the passion pit, and neck till you steam up the windows. It's retro romantic.

  9. In a downpour : Yes, kissing in the rain is kind of cliche, but if you haven't tried it, please do. The reason this kiss rules? Everyone else is frantically running for shelter, which makes time seem to stop for the two of you. It's surreal, and very sexy.
  10. In bed, while one of you is asleep : You know from fairy tales that the kiss that awakens can lead to happily ever after. There's simply no lovelier way to wake up. As the kisser, however, you're advised to refrain if the kiss is recuperating from a double shift after a bout of insomnia.
    by Nina Malkin