10 Things men should never ask women

David DeAngelo, author of "Double Your Dating", says there is nothing worse than making mistakes that will later be regretted and one way to avoid them is to remember the following, Bullz-Eye.com reported.

First of all , a man should never ask a woman if he can kiss her, as she will only say, a man should never "ask" for a kiss.

Asking her for a kiss will only make a man look like a boy, which is what a woman is not interested in, and even if she says "yes", it could mean she is just being polite, while on the inside her attraction meter will read a firm, "No".

Secondly , a man should never ask a woman if he can take her out on a date sometime, as she would like to be with a man who is a leader and in control, not someone who asks her permission to hit on her.

A man should confidently ask a woman out, by simply saying, "We should hang out... what's your number?" or tell her about a specific place he wants to take her to.

Thirdly , a man should never brag about the car he has or the kind of house he lives in, as it would seem like he is trying hard to impress her.

Women would be far more impressed by a man's material possessions if he does not mention them in conversation.

The fourth thing a man should never ask a woman is what she wants to do for the night, as she likes a "man with a plan".

The man needs to have a game plan before he calls her, so as to ensure that she will not be burdened with having to think about what to do.

Fifthly, a man should never ask a woman if she likes him, as this is one phrase that turns off a woman completely.

He should just assume that she likes him, and never ask the question, as it would look like he has no confidence.

The sixth tip is that a man should never ask a woman why she never answered his message, as one, it would show that he cared she did not reply back, and two, it would give her a guilt trip, which is seen as insecurity by women.

The seventh tip is that a man should never ask a woman how many men she has slept with, as this shows that he is suffering from insecurity.

The eighth tip is that a man should never hint at a future date with a woman he has just met, as she not only wants but needs a guy who is somewhat of a "challenge", and will lose interest if she senses she has won.

The ninth tip is that a man should never end a phone conversation with a woman with a "next step", as firstly it would kill any spontaneity by being predictable, and secondly he would kill any chances of her calling him.

The tenth tip is that a man should never talk bad about a woman's guy friends especially if he hasn't met them and doesn't know her very well, as this is the fastest way for her to mark him as "insecure".

7 Things men are perfect at

There are some things that men can do and women can't. There are many other things that women can do and men can't.

Like giving birth for instance. But, aside that, here's a compilation of seven things that men are so perfect at, that they can be really annoying. Enjoy!

Kissing in bed

  1. Sexy morning voices: This one is definitely tops the list. Men have such seductive baritones when they wake up in the morning, while we women end up croaking like frogs. Although we are quite sure that the sexy 'morning voice' is directly proportional to the sexiness quotient of their normal voices, unofficial research has shown that men with reasonable voices end up with super sexy morning voices as well. Let's also imagine a George Clooney like face to go with that voice. Sigh.
  2. Ability to give comforting hugs: There's no denying it. Embracing a man is like hugging a life size teddy bear. Only warmer. And human. Not only does everything feel like it will be OK, the world seems so much safer in that embrace. Know what's even better? The hug comes with a surplus - don't you just love the way they smell your hair?
  3. Their uncanny knack of pissing you off and making you feel good at the same time: Alright, moving on. Only a man can achieve that impossible task of pissing you off and making you feel great at the same time. A classic example would be when a man watching a woman give birth says, "Does it really hurt that bad?" and then looks at your annoyed expression and immediately chirps, "But, I am sure you'll be brave honey." Well, at least he's thinking about having kids with you right?
  4. Saying something completely inappropriate and still is charming : This one is a classic. And no, we're not talking about the cheesy pick up lines that go something along the lines of "do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again." We're referring to the smooth talkers here.
  5. Ability to eat like a pig and not feel guilty about it: Ever seen a teenage boy wolf down an entire pizza by himself? Or a fully grown man helping himself onto a fourth helping of biryani? Heck, have you ever heard a man say he's "full"? Maybe they are blessed with excellent metabolism or maybe they are just built that way, they can eat gigantic quantities of food, and still work it off. We envy you for not having to worry about cellulite on your hips and thighs.
  6. Their ability to fix things: We're not just talking about your feelings here ladies, we're referring to everything from light bulbs and fuse wires  to your personal computer and your mobile phone. Can you imagine what would have happened if they thought the 'chip' referred to Lays?
  7. Gods of gaming: This one is again a given. They can beat women hands down in most videogames (unless we're talking about something that involves too much pink and needless to say a Barbie). In the words of one very wise man, "Men can destroy women at video games. Destroy!"

5 Amazing Sex positions you don't want to miss

It's time to upgrade your sex life, and to get your partner turned on like never before.
We already knew that women love sex, but have we ever thought of sex positions women really enjoy or feel comfortable while reaching orgasm? There are many sex positions out there, only some of them give more pleasure to women.
Women are always ready to accept and enjoy men's favorite sex positions but women seldom ask for their favourite position(s). The time has come for men to understand what women really want in bed. Remember, great sex happens only when there is a smooth balance between pleasure and comfort.

We bring you five amazing sex positions you need to explore and women always wanted to have.

1. Get dirty with doggy style: Women definitely enjoy doggy style. It is probably one of the best sex positions, and also the most arousing position for men. Make sure to perform this style with intimacy and pleasure.

2. The overused style, missionary position: No doubt, the man-on-woman position is the most common one. It's boring but sex mostly begins with missionary position, and women still like it. In this position women get more intimate with their partners through eye contact.

3. Women like riding, cowgirl style: It's a big turn-on for both the sexes, and perhaps the sexiest sex position. Sometimes women like to dominate men during sex. In this position women can move back and forth and stimulate their G-spot for a big orgasm. You may also try reverse cowgirl position.

4. Get more intimate with spoons position: Side by side sexual position is one of the most comfortable sex positions, and it can really last long. Get naughtier by doing some dirty talk while you can.

5. Out of control, the standing position: Sometimes women want to jump out of the bed and play again in standing position. In this style, she sits on a surface and he thrust her from the front as deeply as he can, and in all likelihood gets the chance to hit the G-spot. Try this position in the kitchen or on a tabletop.

Simply go ahead and give your girl the most amazing orgasm of her life.

5 ways to tell that a woman likes you

Life is short. So when you're out on the town meeting new women, no point in wasting time. How can you tell which ladies really welcome seduction? What clues do they give off? How can you tell which girl will be interested in you ? It can get very complicated when it comes to reading the signs a girl is sending. Mostly these signs consists of eye movements, body positioning, way of talking, pitch of talking and much more. Here's a guide to the things they say and do that mean they like you.

She makes eye contact: If you haven't met yet but catch her looking at you then glancing away, then checking back to see if you're still looking at her ... this is a sign, gentlemen! Even better: She keeps you in her keen peripheral vision (8 to 4 o'clock) or dispatches her friends to covertly track your moves. Yes, this sounds totally juvenile, but it never changes - no matter how old she is. Just make sure she's actually staring at you, not the Mahendra Singh Dhoni look-a-like next to you (or Dhoni himself, because nothing's more embarrassing than responding to her glances with your best sexy look only to find you're standing under the TV set during a good game).

She smiles, tells you her name and starts throwing off physical signals: Good signs are that she's ruffling her feathers: hair fluffing, twirling, extra giggling, strutting or wiggling around. And think you're so sly sneaking a peak at her cleavage? Dummy - she was letting you look. Meanwhile, is she politely shooing away people who drift in to interrupt? That's fantastic! She's trying to keep the party to two.

She searches for commonalities: Any. Thing. At. All. Favourite sweets you had as a kid, water sports, late-night sitcoms. And if you really seem to have nothing in common? She says, "Wow! I've always wanted to try that", regardless of whether you're going on about shark-cage diving or a pottery class. But if she frowns at you blankly, clearly having no clue what you're talking about, move on. She might actually do the moving on for you by enlisting her wing girl, introducing you both as lovers of water parks/Juicy Fruit/"Seinfeld", then diving off to the bathroom, never to return.

She touches you: That may mean she touches your shoulder when she leans in to talk or gives you a friendly jab in the ribs. Subtly test waters by letting your knee rest on hers. She lets it stay there? Score! If she's taking great pains not to let any part of her body linger near yours or if she recoils abruptly at your touch, even by accident, move on!

She's taking the interaction to another level;  By a) clarifying that she's talking about an ex-boyfriend, not a current one, when she says "we", b) asking open-ended questions about you that require long answers, and c) dissuading you from leaving and going to the next party (or at least being very forward in opining that you should come back if it's rubbish).

Content courtesy: Men's Life Today, India

8 Signs Woman is Interested In You

Men hate it when women reject them. There’s nothing worse than having your ego smashed to little pieces when the woman of your dreams turns you down for a date. You really thought she was interested, but somehow you must have misread her signals.

From the male point of view, women are often far too subtle and indirect — or just plain confusing — when revealing their romantic interest. And, yes, women often send mixed messages because they’re not sure of what’s going on inside their own heads.

What most guys are looking for is a set of clear female signals that tell them when a woman is definitely warm for their form. Does this exist? Well, here are a few signs that should tell you that she probably wants you to ask her out.

1- She’s “in your face
Suddenly, you’ll become aware of her presence everywhere — she “just happens” to show up wherever you hang out; you keep passing her in the hallway at work; she “accidentally” bumps into you; she maneuvers to stand close to you at a club.
What she’s doing is trying to get you to notice her and giving you an opportunity to make the first move. The problem with this female strategy is that a lot of guys are completely oblivious to it and, consequently, throw away a lot of chances to hook up. Men are direct; women are indirect. So, next time a woman starts appearing regularly in your path, be aware that she’s likely doing it on purpose.

2- She has all the right moves
A lot of people say that bodies can’t lie. Nature has programmed humans with a complex set of non-verbal flirting signals that just flow freely when people are interested in someone. These range from the widening of the iris when looking at the object of desire to more overt displays, such as smiling or touching.
Here are a few body language cues to watch out for:
• She points in your direction with her leg, foot or shoulders.
• She leans toward you while talking.
• She plays with or tosses her hair.
• She fidgets with a piece of jewelry (like an earring) or strokes the stem of her glass.
• She keeps her eyes locked on you while she talks or drinks.
• She mirrors your body movements (for example, if you put your hand on the table, she quickly does the same).
• She smiles when you check her out.
If you become aware of a cluster of these signals, you can almost be sure that she’s giving you the green light for romance.

3- She’s never too busy
This is a cardinal rule in the dating game: If a woman is interested in going out with you, she will make herself available. This means that she will give you her work number or e-mail address, she will quickly answer or return your call and she will accept your invitation to get together — and if she’s busy on the day you specify, she will say something like, “Well, I can’t this Saturday, but next Saturday would be fine.”
You’ll never hear from an interested woman things like, “I’m really busy right now” or “Let me check my schedule” or “I just got out of a bad relationship, so I’m all mixed up about men.” Even if she’s actively dating someone else, she will keep the lines of communication open with you for the possibility of future contact.

4- She’s curious about you
A woman who’s interested in you wants to know everything about you (so she can talk about you with her girlfriends). She will quiz you about your family, your background, and your tastes in things like food, music and movies. Very often, what she’s doing is trying to catalog your interests so that she can mimic your likes and dislikes in order to bond with you. If you’re crazy about hot-air ballooning, suddenly, she is, too.

5- She uses “The Probe” on you
“The Probe” is the female tool used for ascertaining a man’s financial resources. The Probe seems like a series of casual questions, but behind it is a ruthless calculator that’s ticking away. When a woman first meets a man that she might be interested in dating, she will quiz him on his job, where he lives and what kind of car he drives — all within the confines of a natural conversation. If you give the “right” answers, then the flirting signals will follow. But if you aren’t up to her “standards,” she’s gone in a cloud of dust.

6- She “futures” you
An interested woman is wide open for any future plans with you. In fact, she will often say something like, “Oh, you like bowling, too? We should do that some time.” When she’s operating in this mode, make no mistake about it — she wants you to ask her out.

7 - She’s on pins and needles
If she’s really interested, she’ll be as nervous as a cat around you, especially if you’re clueless about reading her signals. Of course, she could be just a normally shy person, so watch how she interacts with others. If she’s only fidgety around you, then she’s probably thinking romance.

8- She’s jealous of other women you talk to
She has the green-eyed monster on her back. An interested woman will watch her competition like a hawk (and with talons bared). So if you notice her steaming just because you’re joking around with other women, you can be sure that she wants you to be more than just her friend.

It’s time to make your move
These are some of the most obvious signals women emit when they want you. But be on your toes — spotting just one of these signs might not necessarily be enough to determine her interest (a lot of women are open and friendly to everyone). But if a lot of these signals are coming your way, it’s a pretty sure.


Is Your Date Into You?

It’s no secret that people spend a large portion of their time with a first date wondering, Does this person like me? And while you would think the signs would be clear, all too often they’re not. Even if your date has been smiling up a storm or raptly listening to your views on alternative fuel, he or she could just be acting interested and secretly hoping the evening will end soon. But that’s not to say you need to be in the dark about your date’s true feelings. It turns out there are many signals your date may send that give away what’s really going on. Here are some of those subtle signs that, at first glance, might seem like nothing… but could mean there’s a real connection and raging chemistry between you two.

Your date says your name more than usual.

Maybe your date says your first and last name, like, “So, Michael Malone, you up for a night cap after dinner?” Or maybe your date says just your first name three times, like “Jenna, Jenna, Jenna.” Either way, it can be a sign that your date feels so much chemistry, he or she can’t help but connect with your closest possession: your name. But only if your name is said in an enthusiastic way—not in a flat tone like the person behind the counter at the DMV. “Saying someone’s name is like a sign that you’re testing the magic you’re feeling, because you almost can’t believe they’re real,” says body language expert Patti Wood. “It also subconsciously elicits immediate focus from the person whose name is said,” says Wood, which is more proof of the chemistry: If your date is into you, he or she wants your full attention.

Your date squints at you.

If you watch reality dating shows like The Bachelor and all the rest, when one party harbors a crush on the other, they’ll give each other a cute little squint, usually followed by a smile. What gives? It’s an unconscious bit of body language that shows the person is searching for more info about you. “Squinting is typically a gesture of searching deeper into something or testing it,” says Wood. “The same way you’d squint at a diamond to see if it’s real, squinting shows you’re focusing harder to be sure it’s not just a mirage.” And that, she says, is a great sign. That coy little spy tactic shows that your date likes you so much, he or she is looking more closely to see if you could possibly be as great as you seem. (Obviously you are!)

Your date asks the “why” and “how” questions.

During dinner conversation, any polite date will ask you factual things about your family like, “So, do you have brothers and sisters?” But that’s not necessarily a sign they feel chemistry with you. It is a sign of chemistry, however, if they delve deeper and ask more probing questions. As in, “So, how did you get interested in accounting, anyway?” And “Why did you decide to move all the way across the country?” That’s one of the ways Jennifer Santana, 29, first noticed that she and her current boyfriend were clicking. “He asked questions about my family — not just the same old questions, but things like, ‘What are your parents like?’ People on first dates don’t really ask these kinds of questions unless they have some intention of meeting them some day.” These challenging questions are a strong sign that the person you’re with is seriously interested in you and not just making polite chit-chat.

Your date gets quiet midway through your time together.

Rather than taking your date’s silence as a sign your date has lost interest, it could actually be the opposite: Your date may be feeling such a pull toward you that he or she is lost in thought about it. “Sometimes, a person feels such a strong attraction that instead of nodding and following the conversation, he or she is just contemplating you,” says Wood. So the next time your date seems to have missed the whole end of your story, don’t cast the person off too quickly. If you really can’t be sure whether the distraction is a bonus or a sign of boredom, go ahead and ask. “Say to your date, ‘Hey, where’d ya go?’” suggests Sharyn Wolf author of Guerilla Dating. “If the person says, ‘What are you talking about?’ or acts defensive about paying attention, that’s not a good sign. But if you get a grin back and a, ‘Sorry, I guess I got distracted,’ that can be a great sign. It shows this new companion may have been imagining a future outing — or just a future — with you!”

You hear “you’re” a lot.

If your date says to you, “You’re awesome” or “You’re so funny” or “You’re a trip!” or “You’re something else…” then you’re very lucky! Personalizing your admiration or approval of a date means a lot; it’s a strong sign of attraction, while statements like, “That’s awesome” or “That’s funny” don’t mean as much. Using the word you means that the person feels chemistry with you, versus just grooving on your story-telling skills.

Your date gives you a token of the evening.

If your date gives you something you can hold onto and look at later, chances are he or she is feeling chemistry. Jennifer’s date once picked up a pack of matches from the restaurant they were in and said, “Here, for you.” He didn’t say, “Something to remember me by” or “So we’ll always remember this night,” but that, in fact, was the underlying message. It’s a sign that your date wants you to have something to remember him or her by… because clearly this person will be remembering your date as a great one.
By Amy Spencer.