First date dos and don'ts

Yes, the day you have been waiting for has come true. Someone has asked you out and you want to look your best and make that first impression so it can last forever. Nervous? Don't be. For, here are a few to make you feel comfortable.

Clothes make the man: This is the universal truth. Though we don't mean man literally here, it applies to women too. To be comfortable, it's important that you wear something in which you are comfortable. You may want to borrow your friend's stiletto heel to fake your height, but remember no experiments on first day. It's all about who you are, so don't wear anything that makes you conscious.

Choose a good deo/perfume: Body odour is a major put off. How you smell matters a lot. And for guys and girls who smoke, make sure you brush your teeth or have a gum in your teeth to keep your breath fresh. Use your regular deo or perfume. Remember what smells good on your friend may have the same effect on you. So it's safe to be original.

Choose a quiet place for meeting: This is your first meeting so make sure the place you are going to hang out is not crowded where you have to shout to hear each other. Remember this meeting is for you to know each other better, so your first stop should be at a quiet place.

Be modest: Don't let the conversation be all about yourself. You are not there for a job interview so let the other person talk. Once you reach a comfort level, you can be at ease to begin your self-boasting session.

Speak about mutual interests: This helps for future meetings. Should you both have interest in music or books, then perhaps you both could go book shopping or attend a music concert together.

Keep your cell phone away: Unless absolutely necessary, do not fiddle with your cell phone. This will only distract you both away from the conversation. Make full use of the time to talk about each other's interests.

Graduate: Both of you are mutually interested, do not have anything to talk, but want to keep company. Then you can perhaps take off to a movie so that you can have little conversation, but enjoy each other's company. A word of caution: Don't choose a drama or horror movie. Comedy or even romantic (if you both are up to it) genre would do.

Exchange contacts: You wished the day lasted forever, but alas it has ended! All is not lost yet, exchange email ids and telephone numbers. You can perhaps also add him/her on your facebook. Her facebook should give a better insight into the real person!